Why We Exist

Fat is good. "Vegetable" oils are bad. Bad for us. Bad for the planet. How bad?

Increased consumption of vegetable oils is shown to increase the risk of death by 62%, more than moderate smoking. They're also killing the planet. Four of the top five greenhouse gas emitting crops are industrially produced seed oils. And they are hidden everywhere. The average American consumes a staggering 20% of their calories from vegetable oils.

We're on a mission to replace these "vegetable" oils in the food system. We believe they are one of the biggest problems when it comes to both rising rates of chronic disease and agricultural impact on climate change and ecosystem destruction. We're using the ancient art of fermentation to make healthier and more sustainable oils and fats. We need your help! Read below to see if your skills can help us make this a movement that changes the world.

About Us

We’re a team of food lovers, nutrition believers, innovators, doctors, PhDs, and problem solvers. We believe in taking care of our health and our planet’s health without sacrificing the foods we love. We started Zero Acre Farms out of concern for what we’re all involuntarily putting into our bodies and the profound effect it’s having on our health and the natural world.

Zero Acre Farms is backed by an incredible group of investors, including mission-driven VCs, celebrities, influencers, and change-makers.

The Role

Zero Acre Farms is looking for a Head of People Operations to build the foundation of our people function. As the first People Operations hire, you will partner directly with senior leaders to define, design and implement the roadmap for the company’s growth to 50+ employees and beyond. You will establish key processes, implement new systems and policies and care for our team's wellbeing.

We are headquartered in San Mateo, California, but are open to qualified remote candidates.

About You

  • You are passionate about supporting healthy foods that don’t squander the Earth’s natural resources
  • You are process-driven and highly organized
  • You don't need hand-holding; you'd rather be given opportunities to explore than solutions to implement
  • You are innately kind, self-motivated, and an expert communicator
  • You are relentlessly resourceful and enjoy a dynamic environment
  • You are the epitome of a team player who is constantly looking for ways to help others


  • 5+ years of People Ops experience with at least 2+ years at a rapidly growing startup
  • Strong HR functional expertise and a proven track record of building high-quality teams
  • Deep expertise in payroll, benefits, policies/procedures, compensation structures, performance management, onboarding/offboarding, labor and employment law
  • Understanding of federal and state employment laws and regulations
  • Proven experience advising stakeholders at all levels of the business
  • Experience with food tech, climate tech, biotech, or CPG is a plus, but not required


  • Develop a shared recruiting process across the organization
  • Implement a new ATS, train hiring managers, and support recruiting for upcoming hires
  • Develop a high quality onboarding experience for remote and in person employees
  • Manage all aspects of employee benefits packages
  • Refine our compensation philosophy, and strategy for titles and bands. Implement this framework across existing employees and all new hires
  • Develop a plan for performance reviews and employe recognition
  • Ensure that voices of our employees are being heard as we grow
  • Be a culture champion and infuse our company's values into everything we do
  • Manage all HR compliance
  • Mediate workplace conflicts
  • Define a strategy for reaching diverse talent pools and fostering an inclusive culture
  • Manage employee and manager development

What We Offer

  • The excitement and purpose of a mission-driven startup and the stability of a well-funded company with experienced founders and executives at the helm
  • Empowered team members with minimal bureaucracy
  • Competitive salary and meaningful equity
  • Flexible vacation time (minimum 2 weeks)
  • Focus on uninterrupted deep work time every day
  • Medical, dental, vision, long-term disability, life coverage, health and dependent care FSA (flexible spending account), 401k
  • Additional perks like Audible membership and free books
  • Fun and engaging community. Work with driven, ambitious, health-conscious people who care about their work

A Note From Our Founders

The majority of Americans are sick. Let that sink in. More people have a chronic disease than not in this country! 6 out of 10. And a hundred years ago, almost no one had a chronic disease. Our healthy life expectancy is decreasing for the first time in recorded history. Our solution so far has been more prescription drugs (in 2018, the average American filled eighteen prescriptions).

Our planet is also being destroyed by the day. The Amazon loses about 2 football fields of rainforest every minute, mostly to grow industrial monocrops like seed oils that make us sick. Species extinction is at an all time high. Some projections say we only have 60 harvests left before our soil doesn't support any more life.

The real issue? These problems are interconnected. We're destroying the planet to grow food that makes us sick.

How is this not one of the most important, urgent, and talked about issues of our generation? We want to change that. We want to slow down and ideally reverse the skyrocketing rates of chronic disease and environmental impact caused by what we eat. We truly believe that we can save millions of lives, as well as millions of acres of rainforest, if we are successful in our mission of replacing destructive vegetable oils in our food supply.

That’s what drives us, and we hope you’ll join us.


If you are interested in applying, please include a brief cover letter, and tell us about your relevant experience, why you're interested in this role, and what you do in your own life to improve your health and the health of the planet!